Body Tattoo Removal Training
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Content of the training:

Quality and characteristics of tattoo inks (organic, synthetic, toxicity, carcinogenicity); Hygiene as the ultimate maxim; Legal foundations of PMU and tattoo removal treatment in Europe and Germany; The history of tattoo and PMU removal; how to do a right customer consultation and how to fulfill the consent form; Consultation, treatment and aftercare checklists; Comparison of all major removal methods worldwide;How exactly does the laser treatment work; How exactly does the Skinial method work, Safety as a top priority for the practitioner and client (Robert Koch Institute); Insurance questions; Medical knowledge (anatomy, histology, dermatology),immunology; Best practice with before and after photos of more than 120 good and bad treatments, wound healing problems and side effects; Several training films as well as half a day multi-stage practical training exercises and finally the training on a model.

You get:

Manual: Complete Training documents, Forms: Checklists, Client Consent Form, insurance, etc.

Checklists: Detailed protocols for Consultation, Treatment and Aftercare.

Important documents: Client Consent Form, Client Education, Client Questionnaire, Client Presentation , etc.


Intranet access: Your personal security portal with protected upload possibility of all your clients pictures, hundreds of correct and wrong treatment examples with comments, studies, treatment videos, flyers, logo, etc.


Online Shop: Your personal password-protected access to the Skinial Shop.


Studio Presentation: Present your studio with photos and your services. You will receive clients’ request from our website.

Starter Kit: All the products you need for the first treatments; You can get started immediately after the training.

Certificate: A worldwide valid certificate.


2 days from 9 am to 5 pm


$0 + GST

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