How can you profit from the tattoo removal megatrend?:
The concept

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-16 um 10.38.59Tattoo removal treatment without laser is a stable cosmetic service in the lucrative wellness/cosmetic sector. According to unanimous experts, this business will experience a rapid growth in the following years.

According to the Federal Health Ministry, more than 10% of the population have one or more tattoos, steadily increasing. As stated by TIME LIFE, 12% of them want to get their tattoo at least partially removed. 72% of people with a tattoo have thought about removing it at some point in their lives.

In the meantime, the mass media became familiar to what scientists and authorities have known for a long time, namely how dangerous, painful and boring laser treatment can be. It is only a matter of time before the harmfulness of laser treatments reaches the wider audience.

Other practiced tattoo removal methods are extremely questionable and often include brutal skin treatment. Here one should use common sense because no man should put up with pain or take risks for a simple tattoo removal.

Skinial offers one of the most effective methods for definitive tattoo removal.

Who can remove tattoos using Skinial method?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-21 um 10.15.21There are currently no legal approaches and training requirements for this cosmetic/medical activity in Australia. Despite the ever-rising demand, tattoo removal is still a side activity for many cosmetic salons as well as medical services of all kinds.

The basic requirement for participation in our training course is a completed cosmetic or medical education, in exceptional cases a long-term documented permanent make up activity.

How can I participate in a tattoo removal training?

For doctors or larger practices this is a complementary activity because the treatments can be carried out by medical assistants and the customers usually want their treatments carried out in late afternoons or on weekends. Therefore, practices could be utilized to capacity if organized accordingly. For cosmetic salons a return on investment is provided because no other cosmetic treatment has a profit margin as high and is easier to organize. The fact that there are only arranged customer appointments, the job can be planned extremely well and adapt flexibly to the actual demand. In addition, there are hardly any other services in the cosmetic business to distinguish oneself better than tattoo removal.

How can I educate myself?

Candidates who demonstrate medical or cosmetic education or provide evidence of long-term PMU treatment are eligible to apply and receive information material to participate in the training program. The course takes place over two days and generally on a weekend. After a successful participation in the intensive two-day course, you can already start working.

ATTENTION Number of participants is limited from 3 to max. 5 people. Our courses are booked out quickly!

What do I have to invest?

Intensive course fees amount to $4,000 plus GST per person. You will receive goods and services, extensively described in the informative presentation available for download. You must also bring along a model for the practical training on the second day. Regarding the acquisition of removers; you will get detailed, objective recommendations for economical devices from us, since we do not consider offering overpriced products, especially because some of you probably already possess appropriate devices.

What contractual obligations do I have to accept?

So far, the activity could only be acquired by purchasing a franchise license. However, due to restrictions imposed on medically and cosmetically trained personnel, it’s possible to learn this activity in an intensive course. Once you’ve completed the training and received a certificate, you’ll receive a password to obtain the removal liquid. There are no other contractual obligations. Under certain conditions, you can register your activity as an official Skinial Studio and benefit from several important and useful services.

How long before I can get started?

You can start with the activity as soon as you’ve completed the intensive seminar.

Next training dates on tattoo and PMU removal without laser are shown below.

How does Skinial help me after the training?

You will get a comprehensive presentation of your studio/practice on our website for a low annual fee, be found by customers and benefit from other useful services such as “safety kit” for a secure treatment documentation as well as special conditions guaranteed to members such as safe forms of treatment and personalized templates for promotional materials of any kind.

Next training dates for tattoo/PMU removal without laser

05.02.17 – 06.02.17

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