Before and After Pictures



After 3 treatments




After 3 treatments




After 1 treatment

Tattoo removal Process

On this side you will see a typical example of a tattoo removal treatment outcome, further before and after pictures to follow. Every Skinial studio archives hundred of treatment pictures that you may view during the free and non-binding consulatation.

Skinial Tattoo Removal Treatment procedure

We can almost always remove the tattoo ink entirely in the area we have worked with a single treatment, no matter what the type and quality of the tattoo ink or the tattoo. You can see the results at the before and after pictures. In order to reduce the risk of scarring, we treat several small areas (or dots) of 0.5cm x 0.8cm.

As can clearly be seen, only the top layer of the skin is removed, so it looks as if it has been slightly grazed on that particular spot. The tattoo is still visible in the second picture. After the application of Skinial-EX removal liquid to the treated dot the ink is rejected by the body and becomes embedded in the scab that develops. The process of the tattoo removal can be visibly accelerated by the use of the Skinial ScarCare Cream. It moisturizes the skin and supplies it with valuable healing substances.

Side effects

The skin regeneration is influenced by many factors. In principle, besides the general health state and the immune system, there also are genetic factors that are responsible for a correct healing. Factors for correct healing  The clients are often responsible for some undesired side effects. Ultraviolet radiation in any form, mechanical stimuli (rubbing of clothes, premature removal of the scab etc.), the care and hygiene of the wound, but also administration of medicines or too early exercise or mechanical stress on the treated areas can lead to scars or inflammation. The treatment itself does not lead to inflammation as it is carried out in a very hygienic situation. With the removal of larger tattoos the risk of scar formation is higher than with the removal of smaller tattoos. In order to avoid side effects we advise every client to follow the aftercare instructions thoroughly. Should these instructions be followed, side effects seldom occur in the tattoo removal process which can be seen in the before and after pictures.