Tattoo removal aftercare Instructions, follow carefully:


  • Please keep the treated area dry and protected until scab has fallen off. The treated area MUST be kept away from water. Keep the skin around the treated area clean. If a sterile dressing has been applied to the treated area the dressing should be removed as soon as possible to allow the area to dry.

Protect the treated area at all times from sun exposure!

During healing process keep covered when outdoors. After the scab has fallen off, please use sun protection lotion with a high sun protection factor/total block out zinc, on that area or keep it covered. This is vital to protect the skin from infection and/or scarring. Sun exposure can cause inflammation that can lead to infection and serious hypertrophic scaring.

  • Do not touch or scratch the area more than necessary to avoid problems with the healing process of the scab.
  • Do not try to remove the scab under any circumstances because it will increase the risk of inflammation.
  • As soon as possible, allow airflow to the treated area. In doing so the scab that forms will fall off faster resulting in a quicker healing process. Do not cover the treated area with tight and abrasive clothes in order to minimize friction and to keep the scab intact, loose clothing is recommended.
  • After the scab has fallen of please use Skinial Scar Care treatment cream daily to ensure the best possible result, available for purchase from your Skinial technician.
  • In between treatments and after the scab has fallen off, the appearance of the skin might be normal. However, we recommend waiting at least six to eight weeks between treatments to allow the area under the skin sufficient recovery.

Strong redness of the treated area is normal for healing and disappears at the latest after a few months.

  • After the final treatment, the treated area will recover within approx. six months.

If you have any questions or if you notice inflammation, pain or problems with the treated area, please contact your doctor or us right away.